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Capsular Contracture Repair and Revision Surgery

Repairing Capsular Contracture

Article and Photos by Dr. Tom Pousti

This 52-year old patient from Carlsbad, California was interested in breast implant revision surgery.

Capsular Contracture with Breast Implants

The patient previously had a  subglandular (over the muscle) breast augmentation in 1973 and revision breast augmentation (subglandular) in 1993 — with the same surgeon. Due to several complications, including encapsulation, the patient had been looking into revisionary breast surgery by another surgeon for many years.

Her friend referred her to Dr. Pousti.

Capsular Contracture - Pre-Repair Surgery

Markings were performed.

In order to achieve her desired look, the previous breast implants were removed and capsulectomy (removal of scar tissue around the implant) was performed.

Scar Capsule

Capsule removed.

Old Breast Implants after Removal

The patient's old breast implants were removed from the subglandular pockets.

Dr. Pousti decided to proceed with sub-muscular placement of the new 400cc silicone-gel breast implants to reduce the possibility of capsular contracture again

Before Capsular Contracture Revision Surgery

Before capsular contracture revision surgery.

During capsular contracture surgery with breast implants removed

With the patient's breast implants removed.

After Capsular Contracture Repair Surgery

In the operating room immediately after capsular contracture revision surgery.

Before and After Capsular Contracture Revision Surgery

The patient is now 5-months post-op surgery and is extremely happy with her results, and the encapsulation has not recurred.