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MemoryGel™ Siltex™ Round Becker™ 50 Cohesive I™ Implant / Expander

MemoryGel™ Siltex™ Round Becker™ 50 Cohesive I™

This Becker™ Expandable breast implant can be used for one stage reconstruction, or two stage reconstruction.

Round. Textured surface.

Combination Expander & Breast Implant
Double Lumen Implant: Adjustable Saline Inner Lumen
Silicone Gel Outer Lumen
Posterior Self-Sealing Valve System
Outer Shell Barrier Layer Designed to Reduce Gel Bleed

Note: While all silicone implants are cohesive, there are varying degrees of cohesiveness.

Cohesive I - cohesive
Cohesive II - thicker, and more cohesive than Cohesive I
Cohesive III - gummy bear-type gel

Catalog # Volume
Gel Volume
354-1515 300 150 150-200 300-350 12.9 3.0
354-2020 400 200 200-300 400-500 13.9 3.4
354-2525 500 250 250-350 500-600 14.7 3.7
354-3030 600 300 300-425 600-725 15.6 4.2
354-3535 700 350 350-500 700-850 16.0 5.0


PLEASE NOTE: Individual implant dimensions may vary slightly in products of this type. Not all units conform exactly to the dimensions noted.

Mentor's Becker™ Breast Implants

SILTEX™ BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implant (ie, BECKER™ Implant), is now readily available in Canada for use during single-stage breast reconstruction. Previously available under Special Access only, the BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implant has recently received Health Canada approval for use, offering women a single-stage breast reconstruction option, which means a reduced operative time, fewer procedures, and a shorter recovery period. The BECKER™ Implant is available in 3 models: CONTOUR PROFILE™ BECKER™ 35, SILTEX™ Round BECKER™ 25, and the SILTEX™ Round BECKER™ 50. While the entire BECKER™ family can be used for single-stage reconstruction, they are also suitable for the second half of a two-stage procedure.