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Perthese™ Esthea AX

Perthese™ Esthea AX Breast Implant

Silicone gel anatomical breast implant. Micro-textured shell.

AX190 190 10.6 10.8 4.3
AX210 210 10.9 11.2 4.4
AX240 240 11.5 12.2 4.6
AX260 260 11.9 12.5 4.8
AX285 285 12.1 12.8 4.9
AX300 300 12.6 13.2 4.9
AX340 340 12.9 13.8 4.9
AX380 380 13.3 14.1 5.0
AX400 400 13.6 14.2 5.1
AX450 450 13.9 14.7 5.2
AX480 480 14.5 15.2 5.3
AX500 500 14.9 15.6 5.3


PLEASE NOTE: Individual implant dimensions may vary slightly in products of this type. Not all units conform exactly to the dimensions noted.


About Mentor's Perthese™ Breast Implants

Using Perthese™ Breast Implant technology, Perthese™ Esthea range is composed of 7 models in various sizes. Perthese™ Esthea breast implants are the result of research and development targeting the most natural aesthetic results.

The Perthese™ Esthea breast implant is a sterile gel-filled implant made of a trilaminar silicone envelope.

The silicone envelope consists of an internal and external layer made with a high medical resistance medical grade silicone elastomer and an intermediate silicone barrier layer to significantly reduce gel bleed. The envelope is filled with a soft and cohesive silicone gel, very close to the normal breast's consistency. The elongation at break of the shell is greater than 450%.

Each implant has the manufacturer's identification, serial number, and volume (cc) engraved on the patch.

The base of the Perthese™ Esthea breast implant has orientation marks that make it possible to facilitate the positioning of the prosthesis in the pocket.

The Perthese™ Esthea breast implant is provided sterile with a rigid double blister package in order to ensure more security and convenience. The prosthesis is sterilized with ethylene oxide using a validated sterilization cycle.

The micro-textured shell of Perthese™ Esthea breast implants provide a soft envelope while allowing a non-aggressive disorganization of the collagen structure.

The micro-texture carries several guarantees:

- Reproducible texture, identical from one implant to the other
- Non-alterable physical features of the envelope.

All Perthese™ silicone-gel breast implants are covered by Perthese™ Quality Assurance Program warranty of PatientCare Promise limited warranty.