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Natrelle™ 410LL Low Height Low Projection

Natrelle™ Style 410LL Low Height Low Projection

Biocell™ textured shell. Anatomical shape. Low projection. Low Height.

Option of Cohesive Gel or Soft Touch™ silicone gel. See the TruForm chart at the bottom of this page.

Soft Touch™
27-LL105-135 ST-LL105-135 135 10.5 8.6 3.0
27-LL115-180 ST-LL115-180 180 11.5 9.6 3.2
27-LL120-210 ST-LL120-210 210 12.0 10.1 3.4
27-LL125-240 ST-LL125-240 240 12.5 10.5 3.6
27-LL135-300 ST-LL135-300 300 13.5 11.4 4.0


About Natrelle™ 410 Breast Implants

Anatomical design provides a natural and proportionate breast shape

Form Stable gel ensures predictable and long lasting shape with lower complication rates

Biocell™ texture reduces rotation and contributes to lower capsular contracture rates

360° Intrashiel™ barrier layer minimizes silicone gel diffusion

Orientation marks provide assistance in visual and tactile positioning within the surgical pocket

12 Anatomical shapes: 3 heights and 4 projection options

2 Gel options; Soft Touch™ and Cohesive