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Natrelle™ Inspira™ Style SRF/SSF Full Projection

Natrelle™ Inspira™ Style SRF/SSF Full Projection

Smooth shell. Round shape. Full projection.

Option of Responsive Gel or Soft Touch™ silicone gel.

Responsive Gel is the softest cohesive gel. Soft Touch™ gel is a slightly firmer cohesive gel offering shape control with natural movement and feeling. See the TruForm chart at the bottom of this page.

Soft Touch™
SRF175 SSF175 175 gms 9.5 cm 3.7 cm
SRF190 SSF190 190 gms 10.0 cm 3.8 cm
SRF235 SSF235 235 gms 10.5 cm 4.0 cm
SRF255 SSF255 255 gms 11.0 cm 4.2 cm
SRF290 SSF290 290 gms 11.5 cm 4.5 cm
SRF335 SSF335 335 gms 12.0 cm 4.7 cm
SRF370 SSF370 370 gms 12.5 cm 4.8 cm
SRF435 SSF435 435 gms 13.0 cm 4.9 cm
SRF500 SSF500 500 gms 13.5 cm 5.1 cm
SRF540 SSF540 540 gms 14.0 cm 5.3 cm
SRF630 SSF630 630 gms 14.5 cm 5.6 cm
SRF675 SSF675 675 gms 15.0 cm 5.8 cm
SRF770 SSF770 770 gms 15.5 cm 6.0 cm


About Natrelle™ Inspira™ Breast Implants

Optimal gel fill for minimal rippling

Biocell™ (textured only) texture contributes to lower capsular contracture rates

360° Intrashiel™ barrier layer minimizes silicone gel diffusion

High performance silicone elastomer layers for enhanced shell integrity

2 Shell Options: Textured and Smooth

2 Gel Options: Responsive and Soft Touch

4 Projection Options