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Simply Breast Implants is the most up-to-date educational site for women interested in breast augmentation surgery. You will find detailed information on every step of the breast augmentation process from making the decision to get breast implants, to what to look for at your breast augmentation consultquestions to ask on your consult, and information on breast implants and the various shapes, textures, and styles available. In addition, extensive information on breast implant placementbreast augmentation incision options, and breast augmentation surgery tips is also available. You will find several videos on the site which are extremely helpful in helping you to understand the information provided.

Any woman electing to have breast augmentation surgery, or plastic surgery of any kind, needs to research the procedure prior to making a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Breast augmentation is different for everyone. There is no “cookie cutter” approach that works for each individual. Some women want smaller implants, some want larger (and even extra large) breast implants. Some want a natural shaped breast while others prefer a rounder, “faker” look. The most important thing is to know what you want. If you are unable to communicate your desires to your surgeon, you may not be satisfied with your results.

Photos, Photos, and More Photos!

Simply Breast Implants has hundreds of before and after photos, including photos of XL (extra large) breast implants. We have three galleriesbreast augmentation before and afterbreast augmentation revision/redo photos, and XL breast augmentation photos.

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Lots of updates! We have over 51 new before and photos from Dr. Don Revis, Dr. Alan Engler, and Dr. Steven Wallach. These photos include breast augmentation photosXL (extra large) breast augmentation photos, and breast augmentation revision photos.

Welcome our newest surgeon, Dr. Alan Engler of New York City!

Welcome our newest surgeon, Dr. Steven Wallach of New York City!

Breast Implants – All About Size and Shape

Breast Augmentation

With breast augmentation, it’s all about size and shape. It is important to know what your options are. Breast implants come in a wide array of shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs. No one breast implant gives everyone the same result.

If you are interested in getting breast implants, it is a good idea to try on sizers at home. While these sizers are not exactly scientific, they certainly do give you a very good idea of the size you want to be after surgery. By doing this at home, you are less rushed than when you are in the surgeon’s office, and often times realize that you need to make a decision on size and shape in a hurry.

Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgeon

Finding a plastic surgeon is the most important decision you will make throughout the breast augmentation process. When a plastic surgeon is wisely chosen, the risk of complications is much lower, and the chances of getting a satisfactory result are very high. It is paramount that any woman electing to get breast implants select a breast augmentation plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Simply Breast Implants shows you how to research plastic surgeons so you can be assured that you know exactly what your surgeon’s qualifications are, and what they mean.

There are a variety of medical “boards”, and many women do not understand their true meaning, as they all sound very professional. Unfortunately, a great deal of women spend more time shopping for a new purse than the do when shopping for a plastic surgeon. Since plastic surgery permanently alters your appearance, you must know what to look for in a surgeon.

National Plastic Surgery Statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

2013 Plastic Surgery Trends
Credit: American Society of Plastic Surgeons