Breast Implant Massage

Breast implant massage is common among breast augmentation patients. A lot of surgeons ask their patients to massage the implants to help keep the pocket open. While there is no evidence that massaging will reduce the risk of capsular contracture, some surgeons like for their patients to do it anyway, just to be on the safe side. Massaging does help to keep the pocket open.

Most surgeons recommend against massaging textured implants. The purpose of the textured shell is to adhere to your own body tissues. Massaging can disrupt this process, which is why surgeons rarely recommend massaging textured implants.

It is important to keep the pocket open because if the pocket becomes too small, the implant can look unnatural and feel firm. This is not the same as capsular contracture, although a pocket too small can certain give the same effects as capsular contracture.

There are various techniques of massage:

  • Squeezing the implant from the bottom, thus keeping the top of the pocket open.
  • Pushing the implants together towards the cleavage helps keep the inside of the pocket open.
  • Pushing the implant outward to wards the arms helps to keep the outer sides of the pockets open.
  • Pushing the implants doward can help facilitate dropping.
  • Pushing the implant inward, as if trying to flatten it out, increase the immediate space around the implant.