Bottoming Out Revision Surgery Article and Photos

Bottoming Out Repair

Bottoming Out Repair

Article and Photos by Dr. Tom Pousti

This 29-year old patient from Arizona who was interested in breast implant revision. The patient is post op breast augmentation surgery (performed by another plastic surgeon) and was unhappy with the “bottoming out” and lateral displacement of her breast implants.

Bottoming Out Photos

The patient decided wanted to have correction of bottoming out performed, along with replacing her current saline breast implants for larger silicone-gel breast implants.

Bottoming Out Revision Surgery

By performing markings, Dr. Pousti is able to map out her surgery, while discussing her surgery in detail.

Before Bottoming Out Revision Surgery

The patient explained, while laying down she was unhappy with the position of her implants and she wanted more projection and cleavage.

Bottoming Out

Before surgery with markings.

Bottoming Out Photos

Completed right breast correct, Internal sutures were used to correct the “bottoming out” and lateral displacement. Temporary in-sizer were used to determine the goal look and size of the patients desired look.

After Bottoming Out Repair

752cc silicone gel implants were placed submuscularly in both breasts made by Allergan Corporation. The patient is very happy with the improved appearance of her breasts.

Before and After Bottoming Out Repair