XL (Extra Large) Breast Augmentation Article

XL Breast Augmentation |Overfilled Saline Breast Implants

XL Breast Implants

Article and Photos by Dr. Tom Pousti

This 21-year old patient from San Marcos, California (San Diego County) was interested in breast implant revision surgery, the patient was post breast augmentation surgery in 2008 (performed by another surgeon) but unhappy with the size of her breast implants.

She wanted to drastically enhance in breast size by using larger saline breast implants and overfilling them.

The patient researched for the best Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Southern California who is experienced in overfilling saline implants safely to perform her surgery and found Dr. Pousti on the Internet.

After reviewing numerous before and after pictures and reading the testimonials of patients who had the overfilled breast augmentation procedure, the patient scheduled for a consultation and after meeting Dr. Pousti, she scheduled for revisionary breast augmentation surgery.

The patient previously had silicone breast implants with 350cc on the right and 325cc on the left.

In order to achieve her desired look, the silicone breast implants were removed, then replaced with new saline breast implants overfilled to 1020cc in both breasts with submuscular placement. You can see how the upper pole of the breasts are more full and how the nipple-areola complexes have been raised.  We are able to see the patients final results in the operating room due to the fact that the pectoralis muscles are relaxed under anesthesia.

The patient is now 2-days post-op surgery and is very happy with her new size and appearance.  The implants will settle into the pockets with time and massage and the patient will have a beautiful result.

Photo above shows patient before and after XL breast augmentation surgery.