Breast Augmentation Photos

420cc Saline Breast Implant Photos

Set 321

420cc Saline Breast Implants Photos

Age: 35

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 125

Implant Size: 420cc

Implant Type: Smooth Round Saline

Before Cup: B

After Cup: D

Notes: This 35-year old patient from Las Vegas, Nevada was unhappy with her post-baby body and was interested in tummy tuck surgery abdominoplasty and breast augmentation for several years. After several consultations via e-mail and phone, the patient flew into San Diego to proceed with surgery. In order to achieve her desired look, a standard tummy tuck surgery was performed, with smooth, round, saline breast implants, filled to 420cc in both breasts for fullness and cleavage. The patient is now 2-months post-op surgery and is extremely happy with her results.

Surgeon: Dr. Tom Pousti of San Diego, CA