Breast Augmentation Photos

1830cc Saline Breast Implant Photos

Set 357

1330cc Saline Breast Implants

Age: 59

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 140

Implant Size: 1830cc

Implant Type: Saline

Before Cup: DD

After Cup: DD+

Note: This 59-year old patient flew in from Oklahoma to have Dr. Pousti perform her revisionary breast surgery. She was unhappy with her current breast implants (surgery performed by another surgeon). The patient was interested in “round and full” breasts. After reviewing in detail the procedure of extra large breast implants, the patient decided to proceed with revision breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Pousti used internal sutures to create an “internal bra” for the new position of the implants which created more fullness and cleavage will be achieved. Saline implants were used filled to 1330cc for each breast. 4 months after her surgery the patient decided that she wanted to go bigger. Dr. Pousti preformed breast revisionary surgery adding more saline to her current implants. The patient is still fresh only 4 days out and currently has 1,830cc saline overfilled implants in each breast.

Surgeon: Dr. Tom Pousti of San Diego, CA