Breast Augmentation Photos

1630cc Saline Breast Implant Photos

Set 361

1630cc Saline Breast Implants

Age: 27

Implant Size: 1630cc

Implant Type: Saline

Before Cup: DD+

After Cup: DD+

Note: This 27 year old female from Australia was interested in an abdominoplasty and breast revision procedure. She previously lost 139 pounds and had a breast revision surgery and arm lift procedure performed by Dr. Pousti. She was unhappy with the excess skin of her abdomen and felt a tummy tuck procedure would help to achieve her goals. She was extremely impressed with her results and decided to fly to California to have her tummy tuck surgery and replace her implants with larger overfilled saline implants. Dr. Pousti performed a standard tummy tuck and removed the patient’s previous breast implants, performed capsulorrhaphy on the left breast to correct the breast pocket and re-augmented the breasts using 1630c overfilled saline breast implants. She is now 4 weeks post-op and is very satisfied with her abdominoplasty and extra large breast re-augmentation results.

Surgeon: Dr. Tom Pousti of San Diego, CA