Sensation Changes After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After any type of breast surgery, there can be either an increase or decrease in sensation. It may be apparent in just the nipple area, or it could affect other smaller areas or larger areas. Each individual case is unique.

Numbuness or Loss of Sensation

Having some loss of sensation in the days after breast augmentation is normal. Most everyone will experience this to some degree. It can vary in severity and length. However, permanent loss of sensation to the breast, whether it’s one area, half the breast, the entire breast, and so on, is possible, although very unlikely.


Hypersensitivity is also an issue after surgery. Sometimes, when the sensation comes back during the healing period, the breasts become overly sensitive. Often, women report that their nipples stay erect all the time during the recovery period. This usually dissipates just as the numbness does, although heightened sensations can be permanent. For many women, this is a bonus, but for others, it is not.