Mentor Becker Double Lumen 50% Gel / 50% Saline

This implant was introduced in 1984. It was created by Hilton Becker, MD in conjunction with Mentor. It was initially designed for use in breast reconstruction patients, but soon became popular with general breast augmentation patients.

The injection dome/fill tube and has a low bleed, gel-filled outer lumen and an adjustable saline-fillable inner lumen. The inner lumen can be gradually filled with saline over an extended period of time via the fill tube by injecting saline through the injection dome. Once expanded to the desired volume, the fill tube and injection dome are removed through a small incision under local anesthetic, and the prosthesis remains in position as a breast implant.

The Smooth Becker 50/50 contains 50% gel in the outer lumen (shell), and 50% saline in the inner lumen (shell). Round shape.

Note: This implant is not available.

Catalog # Size Gel
Diam. Proj.
350-1515 300 cc 150 cc 150-200 cc 300-350 cc 12.7 cm 3.8 cm
350-2020 400 cc 200 cc 200-300 cc 400-500 cc 13.6 cm 4.1 cm
350-2525 500 cc 250 cc 250-350 cc 500-600 cc 13.8 cm 5.0 cm
350-3030 600 cc 300 cc 300-425 cc 600-725 cc 15.1 cm 5.0 cm
350-3535 700 cc 350 cc 350-500 cc 700-850 cc 16.1 cm 5.1 cm