CPG™ 311 Low Height Moderate Projection Cohesive III™

Mentor’s CONTOUR PROFILE™ Gel Breast Implants combine a streamlined inventory with highly flexible sizing. All CPG™ products feature Cohesive III™ MemoryGel™, providing the optimal consistency for aesthetic results.

Anatomical / teardrop / contour shape. Textured surface. Gummy bear breast implant.

Note: While all silicone implants are cohesive, there are varying degrees of cohesiveness.

Cohesive I – cohesive
Cohesive II – thicker, and more cohesive than Cohesive I
Cohesive III – gummy bear-type gel

Catalog # Volume Width Height Projection A Arc Length
334-0901 100cc 9,0cm 8,0cm 3,0cm 2,5cm 4,1cm
334-0951 120cc 9,5cm 8,5cm 3,2cm 2,6cm 4,3cm
334-1001 140cc 10,0cm 8,9cm 3,4cm 2,8cm 4,5cm
334-1051 160cc 10,5cm 9,4cm 3,6cm 2,9cm 4,7cm
334-1101 180cc 11,0cm 9,8cm 3,7cm 3,0cm 5,0cm
334-1151 210cc 11,5cm 10,3cm 3,9cm 3,2cm 5,2cm
334-1201 235cc 12,0cm 10,7cm 4,1cm 3,3cm 5,4cm
334-1251 270cc 12,5cm 11,2cm 4,2cm 3,5cm 5,6cm
334-1301 300cc 13,0cm 11,6cm 4,4cm 5,9cm
334-1351 335cc 13,5cm 12,0cm 4,6cm 3,7cm 6,1cm
334-1401 375cc 14,0cm 12,5cm 4,7cm 3,9cm 6,3cm
334-1451 415cc 14,5cm 12,9cm 4,9cm 4,0cm 6,5cm
334-1501 460cc 15,0cm 13,4cm 5,1cm 4,1cm 6,8cm
334-1551 510cc 15,5cm 13,8cm 5,2cm 4,3cm 7,0cm
334-1601 560cc 16,0cm 14,3cm 5,4cm 4,4cm 7,2cm
334-1651 615cc 16,5cm 14,7cm 5,6cm 4,6cm 7,4cm

PLEASE NOTE: Individual implant dimensions may vary slightly in products of this type. Not all units conform exactly to the dimensions noted.