Low Profile Textured Silicone Gel Implant

Crystal•Lambe Low Profile Silicone Gel Breast Implant

The gel-billed shell is constructed of successive cross-linked layers of silicone elastomer, which give the breast implant its elasticity and integrity.

The surface is about 8 pores/mm2. Each diameter of pores is about 287μm, the depth is about 700μm. The body tissue can grow into the pores very easily, the probability of capsular contractraction will be reduced prominently.

The cohesive gel is more cross-linked than our standard silicone gel and doesn’t migrate in the case of an implant rupture.

Catalog # Volume Diameter Height
ML-B125L 125cc 9.6cm 2.6cm
ML-B150L 150cc 10.1cm 2.7cm
ML-B175L 175cc 10.6cm 2.8cm
ML-B200L 200cc 11.1cm 2.9cm
ML-B225L 225cc 11.5cm 3.0cm
ML-B250L 250cc 12.0cm 3.1cm
ML-B275L 275cc 12.3cm 3.2cm
ML-B300L 300cc 12.7cm 3.3cm