High Profile Textured Silicone Gel Implant

Lambe High Profile Silicone Gel Breast Implant

The gel-billed shell is constructed of successive cross-linked layers of silicone elastomer, which give the breast implant its elasticity and integrity.

The cohesive gel is more cross-linked than our standard silicone gel and doesn’t migrate in the case of an implant rupture.

Catalog # Volume Diameter Height
ML-S125M 125cc 9.1cm 2.7cm
ML-S150M 150cc 9.4cm 2.9cm
ML-S175M 175cc 10.0cm 3.1cm
ML-S200M 200cc 10.3cm 3.4cm
ML-S225M 225cc 10.6cm 3.5cm
ML-S250M 250cc 10.9cm 3.6cm
ML-S275M 275cc 11.1cm 3.7cm
ML-S300M 300cc 11.3cm 3.9cm
ML-S330M 330cc 11.8cm 4.1cm
ML-S360M 360cc 12.2cm 4.3cm
ML-S390M 390cc 12.5cm 4.4cm
ML-S420M 420cc 12.9cm 4.6cm
ML-S450M 450cc 13.2cm 4.8cm
ML-S480M 480cc 13.4cm 4.9cm
ML-S510M 510cc 13.7cm 5.0cm