Round Low Projection Silicone Gel Implant with Microthane Coating

Meme® Sublime Line® Microthane® LP Low Projection Silicone Gel

Round base. Low projection. Filled with two gels. Microthane (micro-polyurethane-coated) shell.

The implants of the POLYTECH SublimeLine® series have a modular design. This means that each of the four implant types – Même®, Replicon®, Opticon®, Optimam® –  is available in 18 base widths between 70 to 155 mm and in four projections – low, moderate, high, extra high.

The modular design permits the surgeon to choose the implant according to a patient’s individual dimensions –her height, weight, chest measurements, overall proportions – and thus to achieve a balanced, natural appearance.

The chemically and mechanically resistant elastic shell of the implants has a defined thickness and consists of several layers of a silicone elastomer, including a diffusion barrier layer.

POLYTECH‘s SublimeLine® breast implants are filled with a highly cross-linked, cohesive medical-grade silicone gel. Due to the gel’s consistency, even a cut implant will neither loose its content nor its shape. The gel comes with a »memory effect«, i.e. the implants will return to their original shape after moderate compression.

Catalog # Volume Diameter Proj Height Curvature
30724-110 110cc 9.3cm 2.8cm 9.3cm 5.7cm
30724-125 125cc 9.8cm 2.9cm 9.8cm 6.0cm
30724-150 150cc 10.3cm 3.0cm 10.3cm 6.2cm
30724-165 165cc 10.8cm 3.1cm 10.8cm 6.5cm
30724-185 185cc 11.3cm 3.1cm 11.3cm 6.8cm
30724-215 215cc 11.8cm 3.2cm 11.8cm 7.1cm
30724-235 235cc 12.3cm 3.3cm 12.3cm 7.3cm
30724-270 270cc 12.8cm 3.4cm 12.8cm 7.6cm
30724-295 295cc 13.3cm 3.5cm 13.3cm 7.9cm
30724-330 330cc 13.8cm 3.6cm 13.8cm 8.2cm
30724-365 365cc 14.3cm 3.7cm 14.3cm 8.5cm

PLEASE NOTE: Individual implant dimensions may vary slightly in products of this type. Not all units conform exactly to the dimensions noted.