MemoryGel® (Silicone) Low Profile

Smooth shell. Low projection, with widest base width.

Catalog # Volume Diameter Proj
310JSP1100 100cc 9,4cm 1,9cm
310JSP1125 125cc 10,1cm 2,0cm
310JSP1150 150cc 10,7cm 2,2cm
310JSP1175 175cc 11,3cm 2,3cm
310JSP1200 200cc 11,8cm 2,4cm
310JSP1225 225cc 12,3cm 2,5cm
310JSP1250 250cc 12,7cm 2,6cm
310JSP1275 275cc 13,1cm 2,7cm
310JSP1300 300cc 13,5cm 2,7cm
310JSP1325 325cc 13,9cm 2,8cm
310JSP1350 350cc 14,2cm 2,9cm
310JSP1375 375cc 14,5cm 2,9cm
310JSP1400 400cc 14,8cm 3,0cm
310JSP1450 450cc 15,4cm 3,1cm
310JSP1500 500cc 16,0cm 3,3cm
310JSP1550 550cc 16,5cm 3,4cm
310JSP1600 600cc 17,0cm 3,5cm

PLEASE NOTE: Individual implant dimensions may vary slightly in products of this type. Not all units conform exactly to the dimensions noted.