Motiva® Round Demi (Low Profile) Silicone Breast Implants

The Motiva® Demi breast implant comes in both micro-textured (SilkSurface™) and textured (VelvetTexture™) shells. The catalog numbers correspond to the shell. RSD is the SilkSurface™ catalog number, and RTD is the VelvetSurface™ catalog number.

RTD135 / RSD135 135 8.5 3.1
RTD155 / RSD155 155 9.0 3.3
RTD180 / RSD180 180 9.5 3.4
RTD205 / RSD205 205 10.0 3.5
RTD230 / RSD230 230 10.5 3.6
RTD265 / RSD265 265 11.0 3.8
RTD300 / RSD300 300 11.5 3.9
RTD340 / RSD340 340 12.0 4.0
RTD380 / RSD380 380 12.5 4.1
RTD425 / RSD425 425 13.0 4.3
RTD475 / RSD475 475 13.5 4.4
RTD525 / RSD525 525 14.0 4.5
RTD575 / RSD575 575 14.5 4.6
RTD625 / RSD625 625 15.0 4.8

Motiva Matrix Breast Implants




Motiva Breast Implant Cut in Half

Establishment Labs introduces Motiva® Breast Implant Matrix, a revolutionary and dynamic new system that will change the way round breast implants are perceived. Within this matrix, surgeons can easily select the ideal impact for each patient, while taking into account individual aesthetic objectives.

Motiva’s latest generation ProgressiveGel has the perfect cohesivity level: all implants inside the matrix – regardless of their profile – maintain the upper pole fullness that the patient seeks throughout time. Form-stable ProgressiveGel retains the desired implant shape, so movement or pressure on the breast does not negatively affect the aesthetic appearance.

All Motiva® implants are 100% filled with ProgressiveGel. This important feature helps prevent creases or folds that over time, may pose a risk to shell integrity and affect the aesthetic outcome for the patient.

Motiva’s TrueMonobloc® configuration links all components of the implant to the same tensile strength. This allows the shell to act as a whole structure, making insertion easier and improving the implant mechanical qualities under stress.

Motiva’s Silk surface gives the surgeon the ability to select an implant with the ideal surface, one that is easier to insert into the breast pocket than conventional textured implants, while providing 8.000 pores per 2cm of an average size of 16 microns, as well as excellent mechanical properties.

Establishment Labs has mastered the full production cycle of the product to ensure the implant safety, quality, integrity, and rapid availability. All Motiva® breast implants are sterilized in-house using dry heat, the only sterilization method used in breast implants currently approved by the FDA.

All Motiva® Matrix implants have been awarded the prestigious CE-Mark designation that signifies the products and company conform to rigorous safety, health and environmental performance standards. In addition to utilizing only FDA cleared medical grade silicone materials, Establishment Labs has also created a world class Quality System that often exceed the existing ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 13485:2003 medical standards. Establishment Labs conducts 100% quality inspection on all Motiva® breast implants with the highest technological advancements, including microscopic optical measurement systems and 3-Dimensional scanners.

Regardless of the date of implantation, Establishment Labs provides “life-time” implant warranty for surgeon replacement of Motiva® Matrix Implants in the event of rupture, or Baker Grade III and IV capsular contracture. Be sure to ask about their “Always Confident Support Program.”