High Projection Anatomical Round

POLYtxt HP Silicone Gel

Diagon/Gel 4TwoAR POLYtxt® HP/M Silicone Gel

Round base. Anatomical profile. High projection. Filled with two gels. Silicone elastomer shell with textured surface.

The silicone-gel filled DiagonGel® 4Two implant seires is styled for simplicity. The morphostructural design ensures that the deliberately reduced range of sizes provides a large variety of projections, thus facilitating the proper choice.

The DiagonGel® 4Two implants have either an anatomical or regular profile and a round or an oval base, the latter due to a reduction in implant height. The implants are available in two surfaces, either POLYtxt® or Microthane®, and in two projections.

The DiagonGel® 4Two implants are filled with two gels: the softer EasyFit Gel™ at the back ensures a perfect fit of the implant to the rib cage, adn the firmer Shapar Gel™ at the front provides for a push-up style tissue support.

Due to the spherical nature of the projection, the implant accommodates for optimal nipple positioning without pointing. The near 90-degree angle at the tapered edges of the implant does not allow dead space, thus reducing the occurrence of seroma, implant rotation, and location.

The chemically and mechanically resistant, elastic shell of the implants consists of several layers of a silicone elastomer, including a diffusion barrier layer. Due to the soft gel in the posterior implant section, the edges of the shell are almost imperceptible. Innovative chemistry prevents delamination between the gels and from the shell.

Catalog # Volume Diameter Proj Height Curvature
21631-195 195cc 10.4cm 4.0cm 10.4cm 7.9cm
21631-225 225cc 10.8cm 4.2cm 10.8cm 8.2cm
21631-255 255cc 11.2cm 4.4cm 11.2cm 8.5cm
21631-285 285cc 11.6cm 4.6cm 11.6cm 8.9cm
21631-315 315cc 12.0cm 4.8cm 12.0cm 9.2cm
21631-345 345cc 12.4cm 5.0cm 12.4cm 9.6cm
21631-400 400cc 12.8cm 5.2cm 12.8cm 9.9cm
21631-440 440cc 13.2cm 5.4cm 13.2cm 10.3cm
21631-480 480cc 13.6cm 5.6cm 13.6cm 10.6cm

PLEASE NOTE: Individual implant dimensions may vary slightly in products of this type. Not all units conform exactly to the dimensions noted.