High Projection Round Silicone Implant

Diagon/Gel 4TwoRR HP/M Microthane® Round High Projection Breast Implant

Round base. Round profile. High projection. Filled with two gels. Microthane (textured) surface: silicone elastomer shell with polyurethane-coated surface. Polytech is the only manufacturer in Europe that manufactures polyurethane-coated shells.

These breast implants are filled with two highly cross-linked, cohesive, form-stable clear gels: the softer EasyFit Gel at the back and the firmer Shapar Gel at the front. The softer gel at the back of the implant ensures that the implant molds smoothly to the rib cage and provides for a natural movement of the breast. The firmer gel at the front and the dome-shaped projection facilitate nipple positioning and support the residual breast tissue in push-up style. Additionally, the Shapar gel offers a parenchyma-like, naturally slow response in motion and consistency as well as extra shape stability even in cases of low tissue coverage.

The chemically and mechanically resistant, elastic shell of the implants consists of several layers of a silicone elastomer, including a diffusion barrier layer. Due to the soft gel in the posterior implant section, the edges of the shell are almost imperceptible. Innovative chemistry prevents delamination between the gels and from the shell.

The surface of the implant shell is Microthane®-coated (micropolyurethane foam). This surface is known for its reliability and has been proven to contribute to a reduction of capsular contracture rates.

Catalog # Volume Diameter Proj Height Curvature
31622-225 225cc 10.8cm 4.0cm 10.8cm 7.1cm
31622-255 255cc 11.2cm 4.2cm 11.2cm 7.4cm
31622-285 285cc 11.6cm 4.4cm 11.6cm 7.7cm
31622-325 325cc 12.0cm 4.6cm 12.0cm 8.0cm
31622-360 360cc 12.4cm 4.8cm 12.4cm 8.3cm
31622-410 410cc 12.8cm 5.0cm 12.8cm 8.7cm

PLEASE NOTE: Individual implant dimensions may vary slightly in products of this type. Not all units conform exactly to the dimensions noted.