Round High Projection Silicone Gel Implant

Meme® MESMO®sensitive SublimeLine® HP High Projection Silicone Gel

Round base. High projection. Filled with two gels. Soft-textured surface.

The MESMO®sensitive micro-texture has less rough open cell structure than the POLYtxt® standard texture. Implants with this type of surface are easier to insert through smaller incisions.

The special curve measurement, which describes the distance between the highest point of projection and the caudal implant edge, establishes a reference parameter for the correct placement of the areola in relation to the inframammary fold.

Catalog # Volume Diameter Proj Height Curvature
15726-155 155cc 8.5cm 3.9cm 8.5cm 6.1cm
15726-180 180cc 9.0cm 4.0cm 9.0cm 6.4cm
15726-210 210cc 9.5cm 4.2cm 9.5cm 6.7cm
15726-235 235cc 10.0cm 4.4cm 10.0cm 7.1cm
15726-255 255cc 10.3cm 4.5cm 10.3cm 7.2cm
15726-275 275cc 10.5cm 4.5cm 10.5cm 7.4cm
15726-295 295cc 10.8cm 4.6cm 10.8cm 7.5cm
15726-315 315cc 11.01cm 4.7cm 11.0cm 7.7cm
15726-335 335cc 11.3cm 4.8cm 11.3cm 7.9cm
15726-360 360cc 11.5cm 4.9cm 11.5cm 8.0cm
15726-400 400cc 12.0cm 5.1cm 12.0cm 8.3cm
15726-450 450cc 12.5cm 5.3cm 12.5cm 8.7cm
15726-505 505cc 13.0cm 5.5cm 13.0cm 9.0cm
15726-560 560cc 13.5cm 5.7cm 13.5cm 9.3cm
15726-620 620cc 13.5cm 5.9cm 13.5cm 9.6cm

PLEASE NOTE: Individual implant dimensions may vary slightly in products of this type. Not all units conform exactly to the dimensions noted.