Smooth Breast Implants

Smooth breast implants have a smooth shell, and they are the most popular breast implants used in breast augmentation surgery today.

Do smooth breast implants increase my risk of capsular contracture?

Smooth breast implants, when placed beneath the muscle, have the same risk of capsular contracture as textured breast implants. When smooth breast implants are placed above the muscle, there appears to be a slightly higher risk of capsular contracture compared to textured breast implants.

Are smooth breast implants softer than textured breast implants?

Yes, they are a little softer. Smooth shelled breast implants have a slightly thinner shell, thusmaking the implant feel a bit softer.

Do smooth breast implants have a lower risk of rupture?

Yes. Because smooth shelled breast implants don’t have the same imperfections in the shell that textured breast implants have, the risk of rupture is lower.

Do smooth breast implants ripple?

Yes. All breast implants are prone to rippling; however, they are not prone to traction rippling like textured breast implants are. Rippling is usually less with smooth breast implants.