Textured Breast Implants

What is a textured breast implant?

Textured breast implants have textured shells. They were invented to reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

Do textured breast implants reduce the risk of capsular contracture?

When textured breast implants are placed over the muscle, there is data that indicates that the rate of capsular contracture is reduced. However, when placed beneath the muscle, the differences in capsular contracture rates appear to be negligible.

Are textured breast implants firmer than smooth breast implants?

Textured breast implants have slightly thicker shells than smooth breast implants, and to some people, they can feel a tad bit firmer. However, the difference is really minimal.

Do textured breast implants have a higher rupture rate?

Yes. Breast implants with textured shells have slight imperfections in the shell (due to the texture), and this accounts for the slightly higher risk of rupture and deflation associated with textured breast implants.

Does it take textured breast implants longer to drop and fluff?

Yes, it does generally take longer for textured breast implants to drop and settle into place.

Do textured breast implants move like smooth breast implants?

Textured breast implants tend to stay where they’re put (placed). While some dropping will occur, it doesn’t occur on the same level as dropping with smooth breast implants. This is because the textured surface is designed to adhere to your own tissues. Some women complain of their breasts standing straight up when lying down, while others say that theirs move naturally. However, textured implants, as a general rule, do not move as naturally as smooth breast implants.

Will I lose breast tissue when textured breast implants are removed?

Yes. Textured implants are made to adhere to your tissues. Removing them does cause some tissue loss. The amount of tissue is usually minor; however, getting textured implants, removing them, replacing them with more textured breast implants, and then removing them, etc., can cause the amount of tissue loss to add up.

Do textured breast implants ripple?

Yes, textured breast implants are prone to a special kind of rippling known as “traction rippling.”

What are my options if I choose textured breast implants?

Textured breast implants come in many different styles including round and anatomical. In fact, all anatomicals are textured. You can learn more about that here.